i-Zon is a small, easy to use monitoring system that captures the activity of computer and saves it to a log file. It is a powerful and versatile tool suitable for all kinds of user monitoring from child control to employee activity tracking. It comes with an interactive UI for users of all skills level. It is the latest in centralized employee monitoring software that can invisibly monitor your entire system from one centralized location. The software also allows you to track workstations and employees that may use multiple PC's on a network and can be rolled out from one location via its remote installer. Use this tool to find out what is happening in your computer while you’re away.


Visual Surveillance

The system captures the screen as a screenshot and stores the image in the log remotely, every time you change your screen. This can help the admin understand the context of user’s behavior and conversations.

Remains Invisible

The software does not display any of it's content in the system tray, Task Manager, start menu, desktop, windows startup folder and does not give any clue to the user about it's presence.

USB Blocking

You don’t need to have a direct access to the system with this monitoring software installed. In fact, this software can be installed remotely using a pre-configured package and then continue the job anonymously.

Record computer & Internet activity

With productivity reports and activity log, every action taken on your devices will be recorded and sorted. This will give administrators valuable insights on what their employees are doing, how they are doing it, where they’re spending time, what type of work they’re working on, and much more.

Easy to Install

The installation package will be downloaded instantly along with the extraction and can run in minutes with no hardware required. Very easy to try, buy, install, and manage. Installation is just a few mouse clicks away.

Comprehensive Data Saving

Recording employee's computer and internet activities logs are available with i-Zon, and it will be saved in the database. The user can view the reports in the local disk anytime you want to.

About us

Cyber Security Infotech Pvt Ltd. Founded in 2012, the organization aims towards providing Information Security Services and Process Improving Consulting services. Members of CSI have attained excellence in providing end-to-end consulting services across sectors including but not limited to Banks, Airports, Finance, IT, Retails etc. With the core team comprising of domain experts with over a decade of experience, we at CSI help organizations to reduce risks and enhance their competitive advantage over others. We provide all cyber security solutions by ways of Penetration Testing and Quality Analysis of Web Based Applications and Web Infrastructures coupled with actionable reporting and patching the reported vulnerabilities. We provide constant scanning, surveillance and guarding services for web based resources. CSI also provides an array of sophisticated and customized web security training courses.

With the core team comprising of domain experts with over a decade of experience, we at CSI help organizations to reduce risks and enhance their competitive advantage over others. Following are the list of Services Offered.

Reasons to start using i-Zon

A Complete Employee Computer Monitoring

i-Zon has the ability to record every employee's computer activities, including keystrokes, clipboard activities, screenshots, file documents, print jobs, E-mail, online storage usage, FTP file transfer, websites, search records and file downloads.

Protect Your Children

The web these days are full of danger and inappropriate content just a few clicks away. You cannot hide these things from your kids but can definitely break the habit before it becomes and “obsession”. The more you know about your kids, the better you are prepared to get them out of trouble or prevent it altogether.

Prevent Productivity Loss

During working hours, employees always chat, watch movies, play games or run other non work-related programs, these will not only result in serious productivity loss, but will also waste a lot of bandwidth and often slow other things down which are also using the internet. You absolutely need to limit the usage and behavior of these application on the work computers. i-Zon can help you to add filters to block applications, websites during specific time to help you increase the productivity.

Catch Your Cheating Partner

If you have a solid reason to suspect that your significant partner is upto something, it never hurts to check. This way, you can make the right decision long before its way too late and the situation deliver its crushing blow.

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